2015-10-23 15:24
Generally, cosmetic garments are those embedded with active cosmetics for daily weight loss and skincare.

“Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself that’s when you’re most beautiful”. I think that’s a good point. Most women don’t satisfied with their appearance or body, but we were born with it, don’t feel frustrated, you can change it with external force, like shapewear. Whether worn under a formal dress or an office suit, these garments flatter your body. For those reasons, I really should recommend Slim Muse® to you. Advantages of Slim Muse® Because the micro-encapsulated processes, Slim Muse® shapewear is really different from others shapewear. In constant contact with skin, the microcapsules will release their formula based on caffeine to mobilize fats and shea Butter and green tea to moisturize the skin. You will feel better with wearing this shapewear. Size range Size from Small to XL, it’s enough stretchy, so, it can fit you very well. Can we wear underwear under Slim Muse® shapewear? Bra and underpants are allow to be worn, but just bra and underpants, no more else. To be effective, this shapewear must be in direct contact with the skin. So you can wear bra to lift your bust and an underpants for protecting. Now you almost know what Slim Muse® shapewear really is, if you’re interested in it, then you can go to their website to know more information, hope you like it!
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