2015-10-23 15:36
Generally, cosmetic garments are those embedded with active cosmetics for daily weight loss and skincare.

For those ladies, who don’t want to minimize her less attractive traits? Women are born for beauty. So they always dream of having the perfect body to wear any elegant cloth. With this trend, the brand Slim Muse® Shapewear was born. Slim Muse® uses the textile that fills the microcapsules in release the actives cosmetics slowly by friction and all the ingredients are natural. This kind of shapewear allows women lose weight with wearing it after certain time, but it helps to refine the silhouette immediately. Another benefit, the natural micro-massage beneficial for circulation, it’s the reason that we can wear it overnight. There is nothing more better than a flat stomach or thin leg, the best choice is Slim Muse®, which can help you get a slim body easily and proudly show it at the beach or pool!
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